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Liberty & Accessories



  • Single channel (2-lead) analog pelvic floor and incontinence stimulator
  • Used for urge incontinence due to detrusor instability or of idiopathic origin, stress incontinence not associated with intrinsic sphincter deficiency, and mixed incontinence
  • User friendly system has only three controls: channel switch permits selection for either stress (50 Hz) or urge (12.5 Hz) incontinence. The stress mode is associated with strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles and the urge mode stimulates the detrusor inhibitory reflex. Mixed incontinence can be treated by alternating channels with each treatment.
  • Intensity adjustment knob controls intensity of stimulation from 0 - 65mA
  • Continuous control button delivers uninterrupted stimulation while determining appropriate intensity level
  • Indicator light
  • Duty cycle preset at 5 seconds of stimulation and 10 seconds of rest
  • Auto-shut off after 30 minutes. If a shorter treatment time is desired, the device can be turned off by turning the intensity adjustment knob to zero.
  • 2 year warranty on stimulator
  • Includes 2 each 3V lithium CR123A batteries, carrying case, and instructional DVD and manual


Sensor Probes

Liberty® Vaginal Exerciser
Liberty® Extended Vaginal Exerciser
Liberty® Rectal Exerciser
Vaginal Exerciser
Extended Vaginal Exerciser
Rectal Exerciser


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