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Back-Stim Reusable Electrodes
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Medi-Stim Back-Stim Reusable Electrodes

Our Back-Stim line of electrodes are specifically designed to be worn on the back. These are basically two large electrodes joined together to form one, with a non-conductive center between the two conductive areas. The whole electrode can then be placed directly over the spinal column without stimulating the spine itself. Because of their larger size and one-piece design, they offer ease of application and stimulate a much wider area than other styles. They are available in a butterfly shape or in long strips. The long strip, if placed horizontally on the lower back, can offer stimulation from hip to hip, or if placed vertically along the spine, can offer stimulation throughout the upper and lower back. Lasts 10-15 days/application.


6” x 4” Butterfly Pin Wire, White Foam, Reusable Electrodes 1 each


13” x 1.5” Pin Wire, White Foam, Low Back Strip, Reusable Electrodes 1 each


13” x 1.5” Snap Connection, White Foam, Low Back Strip, Reusable Electrodes 1 each

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