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ElectrodesElectrode Overview

Types of Electrodes

Traditional Carbon Rubber, Tape and Gel
Uses a carbon rubber pad, adhesive tape patch, and tube of gel.
Older method, can be messy to apply.

Disposable Electrodes
Basically is carbon, tape and gel all rolled up in one piece..
2-3 day continuous wear, like a band-aid.
Can be worn in shower or bath.
Aggressive adhesive patch.
Skin irritation is common.
Using adhesive remover will ease removal or electrode.

Reusable Electrodes
7-20 days of repeated wear, depending on type of solid gel.
Can be reapplied over and over.
Can not be worn in shower or bath.
More choices to choose from.
Using Clean Cote skin prep will help electrodes stick better.
Clean skin is very important! Oily, flaky, or dirty skin will prevent gel from sticking and will shorten the length of usage.


Conductive Garment Information

Conductive Garment electrodes are neuro-stimulation electrodes that are made of woven conductive fibers, usually silver and another woven fiber, and are available in the shape of conventional electrode pads or sewn into a wearable garment such as a glove, sock, sleeve, or even wraps. They can be a great alternative for patients who have skin reactions to conventional pre-gelled electrodes, who have difficulty keeping conventional electrodes covering the treatment area, or who need much larger stimulation coverage throughout the entire garment area.

Medi-Stim is proud to offer the new Stim-U-Wear™ conductive garments for comfortable electrotherapy stimulation to areas that are not effectively treated by traditional adhesive electrodes. These form-fitting garments made of highly conductive antibacterial silver yarns, provide stimulation over the entire surface area of the garment, eliminating hot spots often found in other garments. Stim-U-Wear™ conductive garments offer high-end quality for a low-end price.

Electro-Mesh™ Garments by Prism Medical are made in the USA using the highest level of silver thread count than any other brand in the market. They are also made with patented Dupont® Dacron™ fibers, which provides body heat retention (for increased circulation), tensile strength, prolonged elasticity, and endurance to body chemicals and washings. Unlike other brands that claim one size fits all, our Electro-Mesh™ garments are available in various sizes to accommodate your various patients’ measurements.

It is very important that the garment fits snug to the skin to avoid gaps between the skin and the garment which could lead to improper and uncomfortable stimulation. Conductive garment socks and gloves were originally designed for use with high-volt pulsed galvanic stimulators to effectively increase circulation to the extremities, but they can also be used with TENS or muscle stimulators, too.

Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic foot neuropathy, arthritis, poor circulation, tennis elbow, and tendonitis may find greater relief from using these
garments. The Silver-Thera™ Garments are two electrodes sewn together into
one piece for easier application. They combine a sleeve garment electrode with a glove or sock electrode with a non-conductive material stitched in between to separate the two electrodes. A prosthetic sock electrode is also available for amputee patients
suffering from phantom limb pain or to speed recovery from surgery. FDA-approved and Medicare reimbursable. Suggested HCPC Code: E0731. Hand-washable. Please call us for more information, 1-800-363-7846.

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*Conductive garments are sold individually, not in pairs.

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