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Conductive Garments > ThermoSkin Conductive Lumbar Support

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ThermoSkin Conductive Lumbar Support

ThermoSkin® Conductive
Lumbar Support

Provides protection and support for the back and is useful in relieving pain for muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunctions; injuries to the lumbar discs and the sacro-illiac joint. Thermoskin Thermal Supports increase the elasticity of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to reduce the risk of injury when under stress.  Thermoskin also increases the blood flow to the damaged tissue to speed up the healing process, while providing light compression to counteract tissue swelling.

CBB82227 XS (23.5” - 27.25” waist) 1 each
CBB83227 S (27.5” - 31.75” waist) 1 each
CBB84227 M (32” - 35.5” waist) 1 each
CBB85227 L (35.75” - 39.5” waist) 1 each
CBB86227 XL (39.75” - 44” waist) 1 each
CBB87227 XXL (44.25” - 48.5” waist) 1 each
CBB88227 3XL (48.75” - 53” waist) 1 each
CBB89227 4XL (53.25” - 57.75” waist) 1 each
CBB80227 5XL (58” - 62.25” waist) 1 each

Maximum Height: 10.25”

This conductive support works with the following conductive garment electrodes:

StayPut Electrodes
Conductive Garment Electrode
ElectroMesh Silver Panels
Silver Panels



***For obvious hygienic reasons, Medi-Stim cannot accept returns on conductive garments***


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