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Medi-Stim IO Electrodes
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Medi-Stim Iontopheresis Electrodes

Needle Free Medication Delivery System


  • Buffered return electrode with excellent current dispersion and lower impedance for effective delivery of solution
  • Larger surface area of return electrode provides greater comfort during treatment.
  • Unique buffered gel of return electrode maintains optimum pH levels
  • Soft, skin friendly, and conformable materials for buffered active electrode
  • Active electrodes offer excellent adhesion to minimize leakage.
  • User-friendly positioning grip tabs for easy application and removal.
  • Available in four popular sizes to accommodate varying treatment sites.
  • Return and active electrodes packed together in long-life Mylar foil package
  • Standard snap connector


Medi-Stim IO Small
1.5 cc/4.0 mA Iontophoresis Electrodes (2.5" Round)
12 kits/box


Medi-Stim IO Medium
2.5 cc/4.0 mA Iontophoresis Electrodes (3" Round)
12 kits/box


Medi-Stim IO Large
4.0 cc/4.0 mA Iontophoresis Electrodes (3.25" Round)
12 kits/box


Medi-Stim IO Butterfly
2.0 cc/4.0 mA Iontophoresis Electrodes (3"x 4" Rectangle)

12 kits/box

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